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As you may know our Escape Rooms are all individually themed – they’re done This way so you’ll have the ultimate enjoyment while you’re playing the game and so you can get lost in your imagination. It’s a far better alternative to a grey, empty room where you’re simply looking for clues in a boring, sterile environment. We’ve worked hard to create something that not only stimulates the imagination but also helps create the right atmosphere for the perfect game -where you immerse yourselves and really get involved for the full hour you’re in there. 

Our themes are all based on ideas taken from popular culture, it could be a film, or a series of films, or possibly a game, board-game or otherwise, or maybe a book, or something that’s actually happened, a mysterious event that’s got everyone talking over the years. Then we’ve gone that extra length to create all the details, so the room is as much like whatever theme we’re working with as possible, creating an authentic room that once you’re in there, will take you away to another world – just for 60 minutes.

Cities across the country are coming up with their own Escape Rooms as they become more and more popular. Each set of Escape Rooms in each town or city will have their own set of rooms all individually themed. We have two currently, both with different themes.

Witchcraft & Wizardry.

Here it’s all about the magic, as you will have gathered from the title. Your wand has been hidden, and you’ll need to look around your surroundings carefully within the castle-like confines of your room in order to find it and unlock you and your friends. Can you do it within the hour?


There’s a runaway train with no one driving it, all the guests have disappeared, are they the reason why the driver has gone missing? Can you and your mates unravel this chaos and find a satisfactory end? So many questions and no answers! You’ve got exactly one hour to find your way into the engine room and then stop the train before it hits the end of the line. It’s all very exciting, but question is – are you up to it? Make sure you pick a handy team of plucky sleuths who don’t mind working against the clock and under stress – fun stress of course, and you’ll have a fighting chance.

Escape Milton Keynes – the best way to get lost in your imagination.

We hope you liked what you’ve heard. We do and we work here all the time. It’s the perfect way to get out of your own head but get lost in your imagination. The perfect antidote to working like a dog and never seeing daylight. Get out of your own way and come down and play the game that everyone’s talking about. Book online or over the phone and we look forward to seeing you down here.