The Benefits of Brain Teasers and Puzzles

At Escape Milton Keynes the benefits of brain teasers and puzzles isn’t lost on us. We see people from all walks of life come here to our escape rooms and they all feel the benefit of it. We’d say escape rooms are really good for those who spend too much time at their desks, on their computers/iPad/mobile phones, offering ample opportunity to socialise and interact with friends in real time. 

Don’t sit and waste the day, get out and socialise

Social media and gaming have more or less taken over many people’s homes and it’s having a damaging effect on relationships, social interaction and the community as a whole. Getting out then and getting involved in activities that encourage physical interaction and taking part in activities that bring people together is the way forward.

Themed rooms, popular culture and 60 minutes of searching for clues

That’s what Escape Games are all about.  You’re locked in a room for 60 minutes, and in teams of between 2 and 6 you have to find a series of well-hidden clues that are situated around the room. The room is themed with ideas taken from popular culture, this can be from games or films that have captured the public’s imagination.

Utilise some skills you may not be accustomed to using

There are a lot of skills you must all rely on as a team to get out. These include analytical and logical skills, problem-solving, communication and delegation. There’ll be team leading, and everyone will need to know how to work together without arguing. Corporate teams often use our Escape Games to identify key skills in their team, but if that sounds too serious, don’t worry, there’s always room for fun at Escape. 

Get away from your screen – whether it’s the TV or your mobile

This type of interaction of course will help stave off depression, and help keep those endorphins going as well, and that has to be of great benefit. If you’ve been out of a job for a while and haven’t found any reason to get out and about, then this might be the very thing you need to help bring back your confidence and help utilise skills you haven’t had an opportunity use of late.

Rekindle old friendships, get away from a remote setting and enjoy having fun with friends

It’s also beneficial for those who simply don’t get out often enough and who haven’t seen friends for a while. It’s always a great opportunity to revisit old relationships and rekindle friendships will those you’ve lost touch with. Also, if you live somewhere remote it may be hard to find anywhere where you can socialise to any real degree. By coming to Escape Games you get to let your hair down, have fun and use your brain! 

Escape Milton Keynes – Exciting Escape Rooms

So, now you know how good brain teasers and puzzles are for you, and how beneficial escape games in particular are, you’ll no doubt be eager to book your escape room. Get your endorphins going by booking your themed room today, either online or over the phone.