History’s most daring escapes

Today, as we deal with daring escapes, albeit from a single room in 60 minutes, we’ve decided to talk about history’s most daring escapes of all and invite you to see which one you believe is the most interesting and the most daring. It takes ingenuity to escape from anywhere, some places more than others. Depending on who your captors are and what kind of building you’re imprisoned in, it takes the kind of bravery and quick thinking many of us don’t have. Let’s take a look at 4 of the most daring escapes and see which ones you like the most. Hopefully, it will inspire you to try your hand at our Escape Room Games here in Milton Keynes 

Ronnie Biggs

After carrying out one of the scariest bank robberies in history in the early 60s, Ronnie was sent to Wandsworth prison. It was while in prison that Ronnie broke out using a rope ladder and scaling the wall to freedom. He lived in Brazil for nearly 40 years before going to prison again. Not for those afraid of heights, so if you do get a bit nervous at the sight of a flight of stairs, then this daring escape bid is not for you.

The Great Escape

Recently, The Great Escape saw nearly 100 airmen attempt a daring escape from a Second World War prison camp in Germany. It was thought to be extremely secure, but the canny airmen tunnelled their way out and even made it difficult for anyone to actually hear them digging. They even had light bulbs in there to see their way through to the other side. We won’t be expecting you to do this when you come to Escape Games – that is you won’t be expected to dig your way out or light the way with bulbs. We do actually have our own lights.

Houdini – this man knew a thing or two about escaping

He could do it from anywhere and no matter what you tied him up in, whether it was with boxes, ropes, straight-jackets or handcuffs. The Water Torture Cell was particularly famous where he was dropped into the tank, locked in and then escaped within seconds. Again, we won’t be expecting you to do this here, but you can turn up dressed as Houdini if you wish because that would be amusing to us. Like Houdini’s escapes though, we do time you on how long it takes to get out, but with us you’ll have more than seconds, but only one hour, yes 60 minutes exactly.


You just know don’t you that if someone says, ‘maximum security’ and ‘no one could ever escape from here,’ and other such comments, that they will do exactly that and escape. Just like with The Great Escape, Alcatraz was meant to be escape proof with guard towers, iron bars and being on an island surrounded by the Pacific. You’d think that it would have kept people in really wouldn’t you? A lot of people attempted to escape and died trying but three managed to escape and were never found. They planned it carefully over a long period of time just like the prisoners in The Great Escape building things, having secret meetings and working like a team. Which is essentially what you’ll need to do in order to escape our rooms.

Escape Milton Keynes

We provide rooms for you to escape from and you provide the team and the motivation to get out. It’s a game set against the clock. We want you to feel inspired to do it, and once you’ve completed your mission to feel happy and satiated at your success. Don’t manage it first time? Don’t worry, you can always come back and try again, we love seeing our customers pay us more than one visit. So why not book today, over the phone or online?