Escape from Your Studies

What with all the studying, the essays, the deadlines being a student can be stressful. We believe it’s important to be able to relax every once in a while. We believe that our Escape Rooms here at Milton Keynes are designed to provide time out for our students to forget about their work and have a great time relaxing.

It’s a perfect opportunity to get away from endless research and searching for library books.

In our Escape Rooms you can get away from all of that for an hour and just forget about – in fact you won’t have time to even think about it because you’ll be far too busy immersed in the game. 

It’s the best kind of escapism there is.

We see students come here who leave feeling a lot more relaxed than when they arrived. And this is a perfect example of what we mean, they come in looking stressed, they leave laughing. Proof if any were needed that coming to our Escape Rooms here in Milton Keynes is a great way to forget about your studies for a while. 

You’re locked in a themed room with an hour to escape.

You’ll be locked in a themed room and you’ll need to find some clues and puzzles which have been carefully hidden. You’ll need to work as a team to find them and then work out what they all mean to unlock the room and get out. You may not get it first time, but what you will find is that once you find your way out, win or lose, you’ll want to try it again. 

Students return because they love it, and they usually come back.

We see plenty of students coming in again to relive the whole experience, regardless of whether they win or lose first time. Once you’ve played the game, you’ll go back to your studies feeling much better about all of it, so if you’re looking to feel relaxed and calm, we strongly suggested you try us out. 

Escape Milton Keynes – for the kind of escapism you’ve been looking for.

So now you know what there is to discover here and that if you’ve had just about as much as you can take with your studies, why not abandon them and join us. You’ll have the best time ever and we’ll do all we can to help you forget those looming deadlines. Book your themed room online or over the phone. See you soon!