Benefits of Team Building Activities

We're looking at the benefits of team building activities, and why they are among the best ways of finding out the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. Communication, planning, listening, and problem solving are just some of the skills that will be put to the test.

The escape games at Escape Milton Keynes have been designed in such a way that communication among team-mates is an essential part of making a successful escape. There ahs to be a focus on teamwork, giving everyone a chance to speak and working together to find and decipher clues. If the communication isn't there then it's going to be much harder to escape in time. Listening is also an important skill that has to be utilised, if team-mates don't listen to each other then they won't enjoy the benefits of their collective brain-power.

What are Your Team's Strengths and Weaknesses?

Perhaps a couple of team members have strong cognitive skills, while others are good at maths or just thinking outside the box to solve puzzles. By keeping an eye on how your team work together to solve puzzles you'll gain insight into what individual team member's skills and talents are. If you have a project in mind in the near future then you may find this useful in identifying what roles they should play.

Get Out of the Office For a Change of Scenery

When you visit Escape Milton Keynes you're taking your team out of their normal work environment for a break from routine. This allows your team to enjoy some relaxing time together and gives you the opportunity to see them in a different light.

Benefits of Escape Rooms as a Team Building Activity

• Improved communication between the team

• The feel good factor of achieving something together

• It's a fantastic ice-breaker and creates and strengthens bonds

• Fosters a team mentality between participants

• Team members recognise each others strengths and weaknesses

• Increased productivity at work as a result

Other Team Building Activities

There are a number of team building activities out there for you to choose from, however, we think escape rooms are the best there is. You can try military style circuit training, 'It's a Knockout' type games and even DIY team building activities in your own workplace. However, getting your team out of the office and into an exciting challenging environment where they can put themselves to the test, like our escape rooms, is a fantastic choice.

Book Your Escape Room Team Building Activity

If you want to reap the rewards of team building activities for your organisation then get in touch with us here at Escape Milton Keynes to book your escape room experience.