How to Be Successful in an Escape Room

You’ll be wanting all the gen on how to win at Escape Milton Keynes and who can blame you? After all you want to give yourself a fighting chance. Don’t worry because we’re going to give you all the hints and tips you’ll ever need to help you get yourself around the room with your team with the best guidance you could lay your hands on.

A strong team with a strong game

You’ll need a strong team, one that comes with plenty of game and also have numerous skills. Analytical, maths and logical thinking are all useful. Also, they must be good communicators because they’ll need to be able to talk to each other. Team working is also an essential skill so they’ll be able to work with each rather than against each other.

A team that loves to find things, bring your treasure hunters

Make sure your team are good at searching and full of enthusiasm. Our clues are always carefully hidden, so they need to have their eyes peeled. You can work on cracking them once you’ve found them all and you’ve got them in one central place. Don’t carelessly throw them in a corner somewhere and forget about them, you could wind up losing them, and then that’ll cost you precious minutes trying to find it.

Don’t remain stuck on one clue, move on if you can’t work it out

If you find yourself stuck on one clue, don’t stay with it, move on and work on the others. You may find that when you come back to it you have renewed inspiration, if you continue to struggle over it, you’re wasting precious time. Come back in a bit and you’ll have fresh eyes with which to look at it.

Don’t let anyone dominate the game.

Make sure everyone is a game player and that no one is allowed to dominate. People who love the sound of their own voice are not a good choice for this type of game, you want people who work together cohesively and don’t push against each other. Big heads aren’t invited on this trip so keep them at home where they belong.

Escape Games Milton Keynes – come and try your luck with us

We hope you’ve gleaned some new tips from this post, we want you to win so we always like to help out when we can. Don’t worry if you don’t win first time though, you can always visit us again and try it out a second time, we always love to see our visitors come back again, and they often do! Book your room online or over the phone we can’t wait to see you.