Escape Room Hints and Tips

Escape rooms aren’t easy to get out of, they’re a real challenge, although we have to be honest, we know that most people who take part enjoy it. We don’t like to make it too easy or otherwise no one would take part, but we would like to give you a fighting chance. Here we go with our hints and tips to getting out of the escape rooms.


A fairly obvious but crucial tip is without working as a team you’ll find it far more difficult to escape. You’ll need to communicate with each other and make sure everyone has an opportunity to speak. Don’t let anyone dominate the conversation and don’t argue over the clues. If you find that you’re stuck on one then move on to the next one, time is not on your side, so you need to work well together in order to figure out each clue quickly. 


They’re everywhere and you’ll need to work as a team to find them. Once you’ve found them all, you can then try to work them all out, so you can unlock the door. Don’t spend too much time on each clue because this could use up time better spent elsewhere on another clue. If you can’t work it out go to the next one. 

Look everywhere

The clues could be everywhere as we’ve said, so you’ll have to really make an effort to be inventive with your searching and look in places you wouldn’t expect to find anything. Find team members that will look everywhere and are willing to pull together. 

Escape Milton Keynes – the best way to spend an hour we can think of.

Escape rooms are fun, they’re not easy and you may not get out in the hour the first time you do it. However, we do believe that this is by far one of the best ways to spend an hour, and if you don’t get it right first time, you can always come back and try again – many of our visitors do. All you need to remember is that a strong team will give you a winning chance, so communicate well, search high and low for those clues and don’t spend too much time dwelling on one particular clue. Book your escape room today – we really hope our hints and tips have helped.