What Type of Event is an Escape Room Good For?

If you thought it was just for non-descriptive adult types in their thirties that came to Escape Games then you couldn’t be more wrong. We see all types of people come here, and we can vouch for the fact that Escape is suitable for everyone that enjoys interaction, playing a game against the clock, and working out clues as part of a game that encourages communication and participation.

Corporate teams

Corporate teams love coming here. It’s a great way to identify key skills and any training needs, getting people out of the office and into a different environment where they can interact and have some fun too. If you’re a boss and you have some important projects coming up, then this is a good way to spot the brightest and the most talented amongst your team.


It’s also great for celebrating stuff, because as we know, a lot of us do the same thing year in year out. With Escape you get to try something uniquely different. People use it to come here and celebrate birthdays, passing exams, courses and big events such as anniversaries and passing their driving tests. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by coming here to our amazing Escape Room Games.


Students also come here to have a break from their studies and to let their hair down, and get away from books and lectures. It’s a great way to unwind and spend quality time with friends and make some new ones. It could even be a good way for students to meet up with family too if they’re missing them. 

Date Night

Date night is great. It’s a super way to relax and enjoy time with someone you like. Rather than have a date night in the cinema, where you won’t say a word to each all night, or sit across a dinner table barely saying a word while you munch your way through your meal, Escape Games give you an opportunity to forget about first date nerves and have a great time. It provides an opportunity to get to know the other person under more relaxed circumstances. You’ll have a roller coaster ride of interactive fun for 60 minutes and then you’ll have plenty to talk about afterwards. 

Escape Milton Keynes - for an event you’ll never forget

We hope you come to join us soon, we’d love to have you and we know that whatever event you’re here for, it’ll be a resounding success because you came here...let it be anything you want, the party of your dreams, a celebration of a lifetime. Book your room with us, either online or over the phone. 

Tips for Putting Together Your Escape Room Team

You need to find a team for your Escape Room Games. You’ve booked the room and now you’re ready to put your team together. We can’t stress enough the importance of putting the right team together because if you don’t, you’ll have less chance of winning. We’d love you to have a fighting chance so we’re going to give you some tips on how to get the right team together and that way, when you arrive, you’ll be ready to win the game. 

The Dabbler

The dabbler is someone who tinker’s about with everything from locks to furniture and will leave no stone unturned as he/she goes through everything in order to find a clue. This is good because the clues are hidden just about anywhere. You’ll need to have your eyes peeled and prepared to look up and down and around to find them. 


The delegator is someone who won’t necessarily take much part in the game but rather look on from a distance while shouting out instructions. They’ll have worked out what needs to be done pretty early on and is prepared to shout out directives and encouragement while not actually taking part in the game itself. 


The organiser will be good at organising teams, people and objects, and you can bet they’ll be good at taking care of all the clues you find, and neatly placing them somewhere where you’ll be able to work through them once they’ll all been found. Someone you can trust to not lose anything and be perfectly adept at communicating to others what needs to be done to solve the clues. Communication is key in this game so better choose someone with organisation and communication skills in abundance.

The Clever Brainy One

That person of course will be the one who’s an expert at solving riddles and puzzles. Once they’ve been found, it’ll be this clever person who can unravel their mystery and solve them. They’ll be able to look at a problem in a variety of different ways and quickly come up with different workable solutions.

Escape Games Milton Keynes – bring your game on and enjoy the best hour of your life.

Now you know what kind of team you need to put together; we know you’ll be busy getting the right people for the job. Once you’ve done that you can book your chosen themed room over the phone, where you can speak to a dedicated team member about your choice of room and which one is best for you, or you can book online. On our site, as you’ve probably seen there’s a list of themed rooms so you can see which one you like best, you’re bound to find one that suits you, so once you’ve done that, book away and we’ll see you down here!