The Games at Escape Milton Keynes

We’ve got it all going on in Milton Keynes, so much so that we can’t wait to get you here. We’ve worked hard to make our escape games really fun and exciting to take part in, and we want you to enjoy it as much as we did making it come together. In our rooms you'll try to solve puzzles requiring some serious logical minds, then they have to crack some crazy codes and then if they’re lucky they find the key to escape – but only after using their grey matter. 

Two rooms double the fun

We have two rooms currently here, and trust me, two rooms are more than enough, because they’re equipped to test your brains and each other to try and get out within the allotted 60 minutes or even beat the room record time. Both our rooms are a real challenge that provide a brilliant test for those that love to compete.

How smart are you?

Games usually consist of around 2 to 6 people for it to work. It’s not a game of one person, it’s all about collaboration, and joining in and having the best time of your life for an hour. Yes, you’ll be locked into a room for 60 minutes and to get free you’ll have to find the carefully concealed clues hidden within the room itself. You’ll need to use your problem-solving skills and the powers of observation to give yourself the best chance of escaping. 

What themes do we have for our two escape rooms? 

Our two rooms are the Witchcraft & Wizardry room and Sabotage, both completely different. On the one hand you have magical wonder and on the other an old fashioned mystery. Whichever one you decide on you’ll have a fantastic time, we know that much. So, which room are you going to choose?

Escape Milton Keynes – Put Yourself to the Test

If you’ve decided you like the idea of our escape rooms here in Milton Keynes, why not contact us, or book online? We can’t wait to see you and we know you’ll really enjoy it, we’re here to help you if you get stuck so bring your friends, family or work colleagues. Whether you’re a gamer or a simple puzzle fan, escape games have so much to offer everyone, you’re bound to have a great time. 

Advantages of Brain Teasers and Puzzles

There are many benefits of brain teasers and puzzles, not least in keeping your brain healthy and alert, even delaying the onset of dementia. If you're interested in how you can keep your brain sharp then read on.

Look After an Ageing Brain

A mind that gets a regular work-out and is kept active will fair better in old age. Putting your brain to the test on a regular basis will keep it functioning well, because treating your brain well through exercise, just as you should do with the rest of your body, will allow you to get more out of it for longer.

Happy Mind and Happy Body

You'll feel happier and get your endorphins flowing by exercising both your mind and body as often as possible. Brain teasers and puzzles can improve your memory and help keep dementia at bay. You'll also reduce boredom and spend less time doing passive things like watching television, which although pleasurable, doesn't really give your brain a workout.

Vary Your Mind's Workout

It's important that you don't do the same thing over and over again. Mix things up with different types of puzzles and brain teasers so your brain faces different challenges rather than repeating the same thing. Sticking to similar puzzles means your brain can get lazy as you know what to expect.

Put Your Brain to the Test at Escape Milton Keynes

If your looking to give your brain a good workout then taking on an escape room is a fantastic choice. The escape games at Escape Milton Keynes are themed differently, each with different clues and puzzles to decipher in order to escape the room. Book online or contact us today for a fantastic escape room experience.